What Does Diamondback Mean?

What’s another name for a diamond?

What is another word for diamond?equilateralgemallotropecorundumicelozengeparagonrhombusrocksolitaire20 more rows.

When you call someone a diamond?

a rough diamond or a diamond in the rough Meaning: – a person of exceptional character. – a person with great potential but lacking polish and refinement. – a person who does not seem very polite or well educated at first, although they have a good character. – a person who has good qualities despite a rough exterior.

What does Quintan mean?

occurring as the fifth after four others: occurring as the fifth after four others also : occurring every fifth day reckoning inclusively a quintan fever.

Why are Diamondback bikes so expensive?

Diamondback sells their bikes much cheaper than your local bike shop because they market online, which is cheaper than having a brick and mortar shop or chain of distribution.

Are Diamondback bikes made in China?

Nonetheless, most Diamondback bikes are made by Kinesis Industries, a Taiwanese-based company with a factory in China.

Do they still make Diamondback bikes?

There are no Diamondback hybrid bikes anymore, but they still have a decent selection of MTBs and road bikes.

Does Walmart sell Diamondback bikes?

Diamondback Bicycles Adult Bikes – Walmart.com.

What is diamond known for?

Diamond, a mineral composed of pure carbon. … It is the hardest naturally occurring substance known; it is also the most popular gemstone. Because of their extreme hardness, diamonds have a number of important industrial applications.

What does Diamond Back mean?

Wiktionary. diamondback(Noun) A common name used of two species of rattlesnake having a diamond pattern on its back, i.e. Crotalus adamanteus found in the southeastern United States and Crotalus atrox found in southwestern United States and northwestern and central Mexico.

What does Diamond mean in English?

1 : a very hard mineral that is a form of carbon, is usually nearly colorless, and is used especially in jewelry. 2 : a flat figure ◊ like one of the surfaces of certain cut diamonds.

What does Involatile mean?

not vaporizing: not vaporizing or capable of being vaporized.