Quick Answer: Why Are Impact Windows So Expensive?

How much do impact windows cost installed?

Impact Hurricane Windows Cost – Itemized Window and Installation Costs.

The average installed cost of hurricane windows is $62 per square foot, or about $1,085 per window for the most popular size.

Hurricane window cost starts at about $325 for small fixed windows and exceeds $2,000 for large windows that open..

What is the best brand of impact windows?

PGT’s WinGuardPGT’s WinGuard is the nation’s most popular brand of impact-resistant windows and doors and has been used on over 2 million installations. PGT has more NOAs (Notice of Acceptance by Miami-Dade County) than any other manufacturer of impact-resistant windows and doors.

Do hurricane impact windows increase home value?

Not only do hurricane impact windows and doors increase the value of your property, they pay back in many other ways. Installation of hurricane proof windows can actually give you an excellent return on your investment – between 75-85% – if you plan to sell or even refinance your home in the near future.

Can I install impact windows myself?

While it’s possible to install them yourself, this is one of those instances where it would be best to call the professionals. The eye of a major hurricane is not the place you want to be when you discover a mistake.

Are impact windows worth the cost?

Worth It. It’s clear that the abundance of long-term benefits from the installation of impact windows are worth the investment. They are more than a seasonal product and can make life easier and safer.

Is there a difference between hurricane windows and impact windows?

Hurricane windows offer the greatest protection against storm damage. Impact windows also offer other benefits, including noise reduction and better resistance against intruders. … Impact resistant windows can withstand even Category 5 wind conditions and debris.

How much do you save on insurance with impact windows?

Although it might sound unreal, installing hurricane impact windows can save you up to $10,000 per year! If you have been wondering how to save money on homeowner’s insurance, this is a good way to do it.

Does Home Depot sell hurricane impact windows?

Product Overview The window has LowE-LS Impact Resistant insulated glass that can resist up to 150 mph winds. … This impact glass The window can tilt open for easy cleaning. This durable impact window includes installation hardware and a screen.

Which is better hurricane shutters or impact resistant glass?

Hurricane shutters are very similar to the impact glass windows as they are also used as a protection covering from storms and hurricanes. … Although hurricane shutters can be used over any regular glass as well, it’s better to install them over the impact glass, to ensure 100% protection from hurricanes.

How long does it take to install impact windows?

about six to eight weeksMost professionals can install approximately 12 to 15 windows per day. When all is said and done, the entire job typically takes about six to eight weeks from the date the contract is signed.

What is the average cost of hurricane impact windows?

Impact Windows Cost Hurricane impact-resistant windows typically cost $2,423 and $13,179, or $7,657 on average. Each window is about $90 to $400 and takes about two hours to install at $30 to $65 per hour. You’ll pay more if you have custom storm windows installed.

Can impact windows withstand Category 5?

Installing these windows significantly lowers your chances of major damage to your home. Hurricane impact windows have advanced to the point where they can withstand Category 5 wind conditions, and the debris that goes with it.

What is the best hurricane protection for windows?

Rolling, or roll-up, hurricane shutters provide the best protection from storms with the greatest ease of use. They also look good and don’t obstruct the window when not in use. Typically, a quiet motor operates these rolling shutters. You can roll them down or up with the flick of a switch.

What are the best hurricane impact windows?

Here are some of the best impact resistant hurricane windows:Andersen Stormwatch Coastal windows and doors.Astor high impact windows and doors.CGI Sentinel impact resistant windows and doors.Kolbe impact certified windows and doors.Marvin Integrity windows and doors.Pella HurricaneShield impact glass windows.More items…

Do I need shutters if I have impact windows?

With impact hurricane windows and doors you do not need hurricane shutters. … If you are replacing windows with non-impact resistant windows and add hurricane shutters it would be more expensive than Installing new hurricane impact windows and doors.