Elena Moussa

How old is Greg Gutfeld?

56 years (September 12, 1964)Greg Gutfeld/AgeGregory John Gutfeld (born September 12, 1964) is an American television host, producer, political commentator, author, and comedian.

He is the host of the late-night talk show The Greg Gutfeld Show and one of five co-hosts and panelists on the political talk show The Five, both of which air on the Fox News Channel..

Who is Greg Gutfeld married to?

Elena Moussam. 2004Greg Gutfeld/Spouse

Who are Greg Gutfeld parents?

Alfred GutfeldJackie GutfeldGreg Gutfeld/Parents

Where was Gutfeld born?

San Mateo, California, United StatesGreg Gutfeld/Place of birth

When did Greg Gutfeld get married?

2004 (Elena Moussa)Greg Gutfeld/Wedding dates

Who were the original hosts of the five?

Former hostsBob Beckel.Andrea Tantaros.Eric Bolling.Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Where did Greg Gutfeld go to high school?

Junipero Serra High SchoolUniversity of California, BerkeleyGreg Gutfeld/Education

What nationality is Elena Moussa?

RussianElena Moussa/Nationality

How did Greg Gutfeld lose weight 2020?

Greg Gutfeld resulted in dropping a substantial amount of weight by supplementing his eating program with a fitness routine.

How did Greg Gutfeld lose weight?

On March 12, 2020, he tweeted a post and revealed that he had lost 15 pounds altogether since the pandemic started. Also, he stated that all of the credit behind this weight loss goes to the “peloton, paleo, and pinot”, referring to his Peloton Bike, a paleo diet, and some wine.

How old is Elena Moussa?

38 years (May 4, 1982)Elena Moussa/Age

Where was Elena Moussa born?

RussiaElena Moussa/Place of birth

How tall is Greg Gutfeld?

1.65 mGreg Gutfeld/Height

Who is Greg Gutfeld father?

Alfred GutfeldGreg Gutfeld/Fathers